Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Mnemonic

Methoni, 29th April 2013

In order to to keep some sort of record of my third pilgrimage to Ireland I am resurrecting my neglected blog.  I have no idea what provoked my first impulse, as recently as 2011, to visit the country but when I am there I am aware of a pleasantly comfortable sense of attachment and contentment.  Weather apart, Ireland, it seems to me, has much in common with Greece, my chosen domicile for the past fifteen years.  I find the people of both countries naturally warm and friendly with a common-sense rather than strictly law abiding attitude to life.   My Delphic attraction to Ireland though has more to do with a sense of place somewhere deeper within my psyche.  Since to my knowledge not a drop of Irish blood pulses through my veins, my attraction to Ireland is indeed a mystery.  

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