Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Year: Sunrise

This winter solstice happened, according to anthropotime, close to midnight GMT last night.  Here we are two hours ahead of GMT.  The Greek sun was at its most southerly declination at close to two o'clock this morning making this, the 22nd December, the first day of our new year.
This morning, unusually, cloud hid from me the wonderful  spectacle of the rising sun , denying me one of my many daily joys, but I saw the sun's light and know there is promise of more to come.  

Murmuration at Falanthi

From whence? To where? And thence? Why?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

An inconsonant affair

I am returned!
After a trying month of struggling to make a fresh start with Typepad I have abandoned her as casually and heartlessly as I abandoned this blog a month ago.  My abandonment of Blogger was reckless and unreasonable but my abandonment of Typepad has, I believe, some justification.  During the month I spent with her I gave her a good deal of my time and patience, largely without response.  Furthermore she seemed to be determined to prevent the cyber-chums with whom I had built comfortable relationships through Blogger from having anything to do with me.   Fortunately for me some of those chums are more determined than she, I am grateful to them for bringing me to such senses that are left to me and to precipitate my return to blog hereafter with Blogger.