Monday, May 13, 2013

9th May, to Brittany

The breakfast room at La Couyère
After breakfast in another of the converted farm buildings at La Couyère I pressed on into Brittany to the old town of Quintin where my room for the night was in a rambling old stone building full of quirky ornaments and decorations.  My huge room had a window overlooking a garden across which, several years previously, a tree had fallen but had not been removed.  The house was a delight in which to spend a night but I was less than comfortable in the eerily dead town which appeared to have no life in it whatsoever.  If there were any beings in Quintin they keept themselves very quiet and well concealed.
Garden feature at Le Clos du Prince, Quintin
The breakfast table at Le Clos du Prince where nothing matched but everything looked good.

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