Sunday, May 12, 2013

5th May; More of Italy and Into France

Exterior wall mural, Chamonix

The now indispensable Sat-Nav led me from Brunello along attractive, traffic-free by roads towards the Monte Bianco tunnel.  Quite late on I joined the main road which I followed through the tunnel into France where I arrived at lunchtime on a fine spring day.   ‘La Cabine de Pascaline’, my booked home for the night, where I was not due to arrive until later in the afternoon is but five minutes from the tunnel exit so I drove on for a further ten minutes into Chamonix to while away a couple of ours over lunch.  Chamonix is a most agreeable place to spend a few hours.  It has an abundance of caf├ęs and restaurants to suit all tastes and budgets and I soon found a place that looked as though it might suit my simple tastes.  It did!
Fishy starter!
Porcine main course

Creamy dessert

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