Tuesday, June 4, 2013

3rd June: A bitty, but nonetheless pleasant, day

Mist lifting over the Ilen estuary, Baltimore.
The day dawned misty; overcast and cool.  At ten-thirty Lisi and I were seated in Field’s Café, Skibbereen, waiting to meet artist Cathy from whom we had hoped to commission a painting.  Shortly after eleven o’clock, having failed to meet her we left the Café.  We learned later that Cathy was there, sitting on an adjacent table with three other people but had not remembered that we had an appointment with her; we have made a new appointment with her, this one at her home, for a meeting on Wednesday morning.

After lunch the mist cleared to a sunny afternoon which we began with a drive to potter Mairi Stone’s studio on the lower slopes of Mt Gabriel to meet her an buy from her a few pieces of her delicate, beautifully decorated pottery.  On our way back to our cottage we stopped at Schull where Lisi shopped again in the craft shop ‘An Siopa Sli Bheag’ a delightful Aladin’s Cave of hand-made goods.

The afternoon ended as the morning had begun, with something of a failure; a planned ‘Sea Safari’ to hunt whales and dolphins had to be abandoned because, it being a Bank Holiday, there was no afternoon sailing.

The remains of the day; sunset at ten o'clock

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