Monday, June 3, 2013

2nd June: Sheep’s Head Peninsular, a tour and a tale.

It was from just such a ledge as this, on the the north coast of the Sheep's Head peninsular from which, in 1979,  author J G Farrell slipped while fishing.  A month later his body was recovered from the sea.
Friends  Barry and Margaret, whom we first met years ago in Finicounda, have come to Skibbereen with their caravan to visit Lisi and I.  Yesterday we spent our day with them describing in the car the perimeter of the Sheep’s Head Peninsular.  Through shifting swirling mists views, including those of adjacent peninsulas terminating to the South at Mizzen head and North at Dursey island, mysteriously presented and faded.

As we drove Margaret related the following tale:

“In the early hours of the morning Paddy was driving his car unsteadily and erratically along the road.  A Garda officer parked in a lay-by waved Paddy down.  Paddy stopped his car and lowered the window releasing into the officer’s face a rich decoction of pub.  
“So, to where is it you are off to at this time of the night Paddy?” the officer enquired. 
“Ah” replied Paddy, “I am away to a lecture.”  
“Indeed”, said the officer, “and what might be the subject of the lecture?”  
“Twill be a lecture on the evils of alcohol, tobacco and the keeping of late hours.” Paddy slurred. 
 “Oh yes”, said the incredulous officer, “And who is to be giving this lecture.”

“Why my wife of course!” said Paddy.

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