Monday, March 14, 2011

Plough the fields and scatter?

Not a paddock and far from Kent, it is all I have handy, it will have to serve to illustrate this post.

In an e-mail received here this morning, I learned from a friend in Kent that a local developer has bought a large paddock close to her house on which, she says, he intends to have built an evangelical church.  That ground be ploughed to rid it of all life is, apparently, a prerequisite condition of building.  If this is true; that in order to raise a  building in which the creator  of all life can be worshipped it is necessary to have all life destroyed, does, it seems to me and to say the least of it  sound like something of an extraordinary paradox!


H. insciens said...

The natural world is the only "Church" that I will ever attend. Not to worship, just to admire, and be part of, in awe, briefly.

Claude said...

What comes to my mind, after the huge natural devastation we've been witnessing, in so many places, in the last few years, is that God never promised Eternity to our planet. Only to our souls...

Of course, it doesn't justify our often selfish, daily plundering of what He has freely given for our use and enjoyment, while we're on Earth.