Thursday, February 24, 2011

Monobulldozer's new grill

A month or two back a new grill opened in Kaplani,  the second nearest village to my home.  The menu is very limited, pork chop or skewered pork, but the meat is succulent and tasty and the portions are huge.  As with most local hostelries, fresh bread, chipped potatoes, 'Greek Salad' (Tomato, cucumber, mild onion, feta cheese, olive oil, oregano) and local wine are an all but mandatory part of every meal.
The building is new but, once seated inside enjoying good company, gossip, food, wine, music and dancing the wonderful 'Old Greece' atmosphere can but put into perspective all that in life is really important.
Despite what the sign indicates, the bar is known locally as, Monobulldozer's Grill.  Monobulldozer is the name that has attached to the owner who spends his time sitting entertaining his customers while his daughter and son-in-law cook and serve.  When questioned about his ostentatious idleness the man somewhat aristocratically replies, "Monobulldozer!" which translates as, "I only drive the bulldozer"; a reference to his (occasional!) day-time employment.

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