Thursday, April 22, 2010

The VW 'New' Beetle II

The VW 'Beetle' I have been using recently gave me something of a problem when the press-button door unlocking system failed to do its job.  Not knowing quite what to do to gain entry into the car I phoned the VW dealer in Perth.  The receptionist, Craig, suggested that I try the key to open the door manually; something I had not thought possible.  Manual unlocking worked well enough but it also triggered the deafening burglar alarm.  Somehow, I managed to silence the alarm and drove directly to Perth to have the problem diagnosed and corrected.   I arrived in Perth with no idea of the whearabouts of the VW dealership but, with the exceptionally helpful Craig acting through my cellphone as a human GPS, I was guided more or less directly to it.  The fault was soon diagnosed to lie with an exhausted battery in the key fob.  Five minutes later, and four pounds poorer, I was on my way home.

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