Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mother IV

At 3p.m.last Monday, mother's 91st birthday, there was to have been a meeting at 'Ashley House' involving all parties concerned with mother's well being and her future. On Monday morning the management of 'Ashley House' advised my sister and me that the meeting was postponed until the following day. On Tuesday morning they further advised us that the representative from Social Services, a key advisor, had been called away urgently. As she could not be present the meeting must be abandoned until further notice; there would be telephone contact on Friday to make a new arrangement.
On Wednesday morning mother fell from her bed, dislocating her hip. Presently she is 'comfortable' in Dunfermline Hospital. This accident has put things right back to where they were a month ago. All I can be sure of is that I shall need to be here for at least another few weeks.

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