Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tales of the Olive'

Through the better part of the past twenty years I have been eating at local tavernas in any of which I have yet to have been served a bad meal.  This must add up to a total of thousands of meals and, inevitably, there were occasional elements of meals which have been less than first-class.  Overall though I stand by my initial claim that food served hereabouts is generally fresh, well-presented and full-flavoured.  Menus however are tediously uniform; the menu of one taverna offers very much the same fare as the next.

'Tales of the Olive', a small taverna on the square at Petalidi, Messinias, is a sanctury from this sea of uniformity.  Owner / chef Mr Panagiotis has obviosly been taught his trade way beyond the borders of Messinia; he is both expert at finding first-class ingredients for the dishes he prepares and at preparing and cooking them.

Last Sunday, in the company of four chums, I enjoyed there four hours of slow food at its very best.


Andrew MacLaren-Scott said...

A lot of protein and little else on that plate!

Andrew MacLaren-Scott said...

or slate, not plate

with squeezed lemon and rough salt and wine... probably quite nice

John Foster said...

It is the way they do things here Andrew, one item per plate, the chips and the salad were on other plates elsewhere on the table.