Saturday, June 1, 2013

May 31st: Mt Gabriel

An overcast morning spent largely in Skibbereen gave way to a brighter afternoon which allowed an exploration of nearby coast and countryside including a drive up Mt Gabriel a mountain behind Schull, a coastal village on the Mizzen peninsular which rears up from sea level to 407 metres.  There is on the mountain considerable evidence of mining, principally for copper.  The mines were reckoned to date from 1,500 b.c. but during the 1960s it was suggested that the mines were much more recent, nineteenth century, excavations.  Presently archeologists are again favouring the earlier dating.

The view North, the more distant stretch of water is Bantry Bay.
The Irish Air Traffic Control maintains two radar domes on the summit of Mt. Gabriel (407m); an adequate road to them is open to the public.  The views from the top, over the sea and considerably lower ground all around, are spectacular.

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