Tuesday, May 21, 2013

20th May; with Barry Dawkes

I had hoped, this year, to find a painting holiday I might take to improve my watercolour painting skills.  I found, through the internet, a great number of suitable courses but none at venues or on dates convenient for me.  A after booking a cottage in which to to stay here in Ireland I contacted Barry Dawkes at 'West Cork Watercolour'.  None of the courses he had on offer for the summer coincided with the month I would be spending in Ireland but Barry kindly replied to my enquiry with an offer to make a day with him available to me.

I arrived at 'Crosslea', Barry's home and studio at ten o'clock on a morning which had begun overcast but was improving by the hour.  I was greeted with coffee and biscuits over which we chatted to allow Barry to get an idea of my painting history and aspirations.  We then plunged into some practical work practising basic watercolour painting techniques.  Armed with the knowledge of how to, I then began to make a copy of one of Barry's paintings.  Barry worked with me, making his own copy of his earlier painting, giving me tips as he did so on colour mixing and allowing me to closely watch him apply his techniques.  After an intense morning, during which I learned more in a few hours than I would have in years working alone (If ever!), we adjourned for an excellent salad lunch provided by Barry's wife, Kath.  After lunch Barry and I finished the paintings we had started earlier and began work on and finished a second.  I left the studio at six o'clock; happy and very satisfied  The two paintings I completed with Barry are better than anything I have yet produced, I shall be interested now to know whether I shall be able to maintain and develop my new found level of confidence and ability.

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