Tuesday, February 21, 2012


For many and various reasons I have rather neglected my blog this year, principally because I have yielded to a creative impulse to take up drawing; time I may have used to blog I have applied to sketching and exploring the mysteries of colouring with watercolour.  I am a tyro at the game, more enthusiastic than skillful, but I am enjoying learning and believe it to be something I may stick with for a while.

Early in January I joined a local art course run by an ex-professional artist who has given me a great deal of help and encouragement.  Since joining the course I have tried, fairly successfully, to make time each day to practise drawing. Some of this time, inevitably has been stolen from time I might hitherto have spent blogging.

I hope not to completely abandon ‘Sensate Man’. I yet have plenty to say, much of which concerns present problems here in Greece, my chosen country of residence, but because I am not adequately informed about these matters to form, let alone to publish, any usefully informative material concerning the country’s future, be it within or outside of the eurozone or the EU, I am keeping such opinions as I have to myself.  I am however confident that the nation and its people will survive; the sun will continue to shine, the sea will continue to lap on the sand and, at base, life will continue as it has here for an infinite number of generations past.

I have started a new blog.  For the time being this is no more than an empty shell but in due time I shall use it as a repository for my drawings, a personal collection and record of the development of the skills I hope will issue from continuing practice and acquisition of knowledge of the craft.  

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I like that John. Very much.