Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Winter in Messinias

Sunrise, 30th November 2011

Reading a fellow blogger's illustrated report of snow in Stirling and my daughter's tales of being cold in Kent has provoked me to remind you all that it is not necessary to tolerate such privations.  Relocate!  Here in Messina the weather remains pleasantly mild and there are few days during which the sun fails to make at very least a token appearance for an hour or two; invariably, morning coffee can be enjoyed out of doors on an average of three days out of four.  The far away mountain-top snow I can see from my balcony looks magnificent.  The price of almost everything is rocketing, incomes are being slashed but the sun continues to shine on us and very shortly the days will begin again to  grow longer.  Hooray!


Anonymous said...

If I were a solitary creature I just might relocate John, although what would I live on? When I was very young (12-14) I wanted nothing more than the life of a wandering hobo (certain American novels did that to me). Now I wonder if I should have stuck to my "dream" of peniless wandering.

Anonymous said...

Glad you walked in the Stirling snow with me, from afar, by the way (assuming it was me).