Monday, July 4, 2011

Sticking with it

As far as my resolution for this week is concerned, so far so good.  I have written a medium length post this morning.  It is an important and serious post, which I want to re-read, digest and possibly edit before I publish it meanwhile I have this to offer:

Last Saturday evening I drew up beside this contraption in a petrol station.  When I first travelled to Greece, in the 19060s, these single-cylinder, petrol engines on axels were common maids-of-all-work which were then fast making the ubiquitous greek donkey redundant.  The engines were used for everything and anything that needed a source of power, ploughs, rotavators, water pumps, saws, drills and when the farmer needed to go to town he could hitch on a trailer and use his engine to pull his 'truck'.  They must have been durable machines, there are still quite a few around; this one is 45 years old.  I doubt it has had an emission test for a while though!

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