Friday, February 11, 2011

The Book Fair

The public spirited couple who set up the website publicise through it roughly bi-monthly "Book Fairs".  Venues change for each event.  Today's was at Hercules' Bar in Methoni.  For british folk resident here the book fairs provide both a dumping place for unwanted books and a source of new reading.  All books are sold for just one euro.  The profits are sent to a local charity; presently, I believe, the Mayor of Kalamata's charity for disadvantaged children.  The book fairs also serve as a social focus, rather in the way that christenings, wedding and funerals did  in the lost land of my birth.

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Claude said...

Love this photo!

My favourite social outings: Book Fairs...Live Classical and Folk Music Concerts...Conversations with friends at special Café Bars.