Thursday, January 13, 2011


 I went out yesterday hoping to find a direct path leading north from the southern tip of the peninsular on which I live.  I failed, finding only myriad wild animal tracks that led my companion and me through a maze of rocks and dense Arbutus, Gorse and Lavender scrub which eventually became so thick and tall to be quite impenetrable; impenetrable to mature bipeds that is, the tracks that ran into and under it suggested that it was no barrier to resident quadrupeds.  Failing, on this first recce, was only a mild disappointment which was more than compensated for by the joy of being out and alive in such a beautiful wilderness.  The beach far below us, in the centre of this photograph, is at Zapi where on Sundays from May until October I enjoy simple fresh food peppered with good conversation and a sufficiency at least of local plonk at Maria's Taverna.  If you happen by there this summer,  do please join me at my infinitely expandable table.