Saturday, July 10, 2010

Building busyness

I shall have Sam here with me for another week.  With his help I have moved forward by a long way the outside kitchen of which I have been dreaming and spasmodically building for the past few years.  By the time Sam leaves next Sunday I expect to have the structures of  both the 'work surface' and the 'sink unit'  ready for plastering and finishing, leaving only the 'cooking unit'; pizza oven, barbecue and 'rocket stove' hot plates', and the parasol roof to finish to realise my long term ambition of having here a permanent outdoor food preparation and cooking facility.
Unfortunately, I can not be attending to both my building concerns and my recently found blogging interest.  With all the weight of my concentration presently falling on the building side, my amusements are out of balance but this will not always be so.

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