Monday, April 26, 2010

Mother VI

Last Saturday morning my mother had an operation to replace 'half of her hip'. The operation is normally effected with epidural anaesthetic but because mother was 'too fidgety' the epidural had to be supplemented with a general anaesthetic. She remained semi-conscious for the remainder of the day so I did not visit the hospital on Saturday. I visited her on Sunday afternoon when, although she seemed to be comfortable and was able to communicate with me, she was still very drowsy. Today she seems to be clear of anaesthetic and although making no sense she was speaking clearly throughout the visit.
This most recent fall and subsequent surgery has considerably altered mother's circumstances. For the time being there is no apparent reason why she should not make a full recovery from her operation but I now doubt that 'Ashley House' have the necessary facilities to serve her future needs which, I believe, will need a bigger nursing element than a non-nursing care home can offer. As far as getting mother satisfactorily settled the position seems not to have altered from that of eight weeks ago.

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